Latest Trends in Digital Marketing Amid COVID-19

Posted on 30th, Aug 20

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a complete disaster for many industries, many of the businesses are striving to sustain in the market.But most of the businesses have already established their digital presence before the pandemic hit all our lives.

The main reason for shifting from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing is mainly due to the risk of physically going to the target market during current adverse times has made such a drastic acceptance for online marketing.

As per the latest studies it is found that there is nearly 100 percent steady increase in online sales in most of the countries especially in India, businesses and entrepreneurs are realizing that the online transitions might be more necessary and long-term considering the results.Being one of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kerala, Oltet is on our way to to find more unique digital marketing techniques to stay ahead of our competitors.

Voice search

With the emergence and acceptance of Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants, the majority of people are using such methods over traditional keyboard search on Google searches. So we need to keep in mind people search differently when speaking than typing.One of the best methods to stay ahead of this is to write blogs on answering customer questions with blogs.

Unique Content Marketing Strategy

Content is always considered as the King as it plays an influential role in getting the imagination of customers.Businesses have understood the importance of Content strategy and have started using regional language to connect with consumers which is considered as one of the best strategies to reach maximum people.

Video Marketing Strategy

The concept of using video to reach more audience and engagements is getting more popular as the majority of the people are using either Youtube or Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook regularly. In a recent study fifty percentage of people have confirmed that watching product videos or the customer testimonial videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

Emergence of micro influencer’s led campaigns

Earlier the businesses get great deal of reach and sale from influencer marketing featuring celebrities, but now a days businesses have understood that celebrities don’t do the trick anymore, and instead they shift through to micro-influencers or focused group influencers as it is more budget friendly and gives more authority to the target audience.