About us

About us

Otlet is a professional Web Design and Web Development company, based in Calicut, Kerala, India. Our service is worldwide on a 24×7 basis and delivers the best technologies. Otlet offer Web hosting, Mobile Application, marketing consultants, SEO, UI/UX Design, E-commerce, digital Marketing, Web design and Web development with the best essence, quality and price.
Here are certain features that underline the fact of why you choose Otlet

  • Talent and technology
    The perfection of a successful web development crew is when talent meets technology. We are glad to have such a vibrant and young team of professionals.
  • Well developed Websites
    Our team plans designs and build splendid and responsive websites that can increase conversion rates and traffic.
  • Impressive Designing Skills
    We are strict in making your website brimmed with modern and classy designs to keep up the pace of the users in the online business sector.
  • User-Friendly
    We help to create, maintain, fix and improve your website to a better level that is easily used and maintained.
  • Success story
    The transformation from freelancers to an official software firm is enough to depict the picture of our infrastructure, developer skills, and success rate.


Otlet, We are a team of young IT professionals from India living at Calicut, Kerala. We design and develop attractive and highly influential websites and Applications. Our tagline is "Don't work hard work smart". According to the traditional American dream, hard work is the key to success. But — and that’s a big but — hard work isn’t the only key to success. Hard work is necessary for success for sure, but it’s not sufficient. And no, the other key isn’t “daddy’s money” or “lucky breaks.” The other key is to work smart. Otlet following this agenda to make the world to smart with technologies.


To provide premium quality products thereby enhancing and ensuring that customer satisfaction is the heart of our service.

Our Team